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Nomadic - Awning Bracket Kit, 270 LT

Nomadic - Awning Bracket Kit, 270 LT

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Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270LT Awning, Driver or Passenger Bracket Kit Awning Replacement Part for Nomadic 270 LT Awning, Driver or Passenger. The Nomadic Awning Bracket Kit for either Driver or Passenger Side 270LT Awning. 

Looking for a DIY bracket kit or replace a non OVS awning with a studier bracket system? Look no further than the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 LT Awning bracket kit.

Included. QTY 2 Heavy Duty Awning Brackets, QTY 6 Sets of Shock Cords, QTY 6 Heavy Duty Stakes, QTY 2 Heavy Duty Tie Downs, and Standard Hardware.

Application. Works with the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 LT Awning, Driver and Passenger Replacement items for Your Nomadic 270LT Awning, Driver and Passenger.

We offer many replacement items for the 270 LT Awning. From Travel Cover Bag Replacement to Awning Brackets, we have you covered.

Details. Part Number:  181899009 UPC Code:  810038734422 Weight: 10 Lbs    

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