Collection: BRUTE Kinetic

All OVS Brute Kinetic Ropes are made of specially coated nylon that is abrasive resistant and has a 30% stretch to handle hard recoveries in deep mud, snow, sand and any other recovery situation that needs more than a standard tow strap. The Brute Kinetic Recovery Rope is the perfect choice for safe off-road recovery. The 30% stretch of the rope allows for kinetic energy to be stored in the soft shackle, making for a stronger and safer system. The lifetime warranty guarantees that this will be the only rope you'll ever need to purchase. With a breaking strength of 30,000 lbs, this rope is suitable for heavy duty applications and can handle any recovery situation. The specially coated nylon is abrasive resistant and can withstand any terrain, including deep mud, snow, and sand. Don't get stranded without a Brute Kinetic Recovery Strap. The included storage bag ensures that your rope will be protected from the elements and ready to use when you need it most.