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EGOI II Hose & Accessory Kit

EGOI II Hose & Accessory Kit

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EGOI II Air Compressor Hose & Accessory Kit- 20 ft. Hose Introducing the Hose and Accessory Kit for the EGOI II Air Compressor – your ultimate companion for versatile and hassle-free inflation tasks.

Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this kit is a game-changer for those who demand top-notch performance from their air compressor. At its core, this kit features a 20ft non-kink air line, ensuring that you have the reach and flexibility to tackle inflation tasks with ease.

Say goodbye to frustrating kinks and tangles, and say hello to a seamless inflation experience. Quick-disconnect fittings make setup and disassembly a breeze. You'll spend less time fumbling with connections and more time getting the job done efficiently. But what truly sets this kit apart are the various fittings included, designed to accommodate different inflation tasks.

Whether you're inflating tires, sports equipment, or inflatable watercraft, our kit has you covered. It's the ultimate tool for tackling a range of inflation needs with precision and ease. The analog tire inflator, complete with a quick-connect feature, ensures that you can achieve the perfect tire pressure without any guesswork.

It's a must-have addition for any vehicle owner who prioritizes safety and performance on the road. Designed to be used exclusively with the EGOI II Compressor, this kit is your assurance of compatibility and seamless integration. The two components work in perfect harmony to deliver reliable and efficient inflation whenever you need it.

With the Hose and Accessory Kit for the EGOI II Air Compressor, you're equipped with the tools and flexibility to handle a variety of inflation tasks with confidence. Whether you're on the road, at home, or at your favorite recreational spot, you'll always have the right equipment for the job.

Welcome to a new era of hassle-free inflation – where precision, convenience, and performance are at your fingertips.

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