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Easy-Out Awning Room/Mosquito Net Waterproof Floor / 2.5M

Easy-Out Awning Room/Mosquito Net Waterproof Floor / 2.5M

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Upgrade your 2.5M Easy-Out Awning or 2.5M Easy-Out Mosquito Net with this zip-on waterproof flooring. Zipper sided to convert all Awning and Mosquito Net rooms into a fully enclosed shelter.

Converts the Easy-Out Awning Room, and 2.5M Easy-Out Mosquito Net to a fully enclosed shelter. Heavy-duty zipper attaches the floor base to any of your Easy-Out 2.5M Awning extensions.

Waterproof to effectively keep you and your essentials dry on any adventure. Made from heavy-duty black PVC.

Note: Waterproof Floors only work with Awning Rooms/Mosquito Nets that are equipped with bottom zippers to create a fully enclosed tent/mosquito net.


Consists of: 1 Zip-On Waterproof Floor for 2.5M Awning Room or Mosquito Net

Materials used: PVC coated   

Product Dimensions: Open dimensions: 2400mm (94.5'') W x 2000mm (78.7'') D x 150mm (6'') H  

Weight: 1.08kg (2.4lbs)

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